By partnering with Billaway a custom website will be created where your clients can buy their everyday items such as school clothing, diapers, and groceries. Everytime they make a purchase through your rewards site they will save a percentage of what they spend.

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55% of the US population earn less than $55,000 per year and every penny counts. Billaway can provide your employees with an additional income generated from their everyday shopping habits.

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Health / Fitness

The big retailers and manufacturers have put aside funds from their marketing budgets to explore new ways of attracting consumers. Billaway can provide your club with the ability to farm these cash back, coupon and voucher offers for your members and enable them to spend their new savings at your club – only your club.

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Billaway’s reward platform gives you a way to compete with your competition without changing anything that you are doing. Give your customers the opportunity to earn cash back from shopping online.

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Billaway rewards platform is a proven method for local grocery stores to compete with the larger chains. By using Billaway’s reward platform you can give your customers the opportunity to earn cash back from shopping online.

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AffordableCareRewards enables your patients to build up a savings account that can be used to offset their health care costs. Manufacturers, retailers, grocery stores and pharmacies are all competing to attract more and more customers.

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Your customers can now save money on their energy bill while they shop for everyday items such as food, clothes, and other household items in box stores and online. It’s simple, easy and saves them money.

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Billaway presents a new rewards program that allows your customers to shop for everyday household items and earn cash credits toward their garbage bill.

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Rewards Companies

Closed loop rewards programs cost the client because they are offering their customers discounted products or services. Open rewards programs bring external monies into the business for their customers to spend.

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A sample of companies that have deployed Billaway.
Shopping Online
Imagine more than 28,000 retailers giving your customers money just for shopping in their stores

Shopping In Stores
We assemble all the monies earned by your customers.

Convert Earnings
We apply it to your customers bill at the point of payment OR we send to you so you can credit their account.