Smart companies use BillAway to keep the competition at bay

How does it work?

Do you reward loyal customers?  Does your competition?  If you are not,  your competition will clean your clock when it comes to attracting your existing and potential customers.

BillAway provides the affordable, easy to implement solution you need.

Your customers register for your new rewards program in less than 30 seconds.

Your customers shop at more than 28,000 locations both online and on land just as they do today.

A portion of their spending reduces the amount they pay you AT the point of payment for your services or the services you select.



Re-Think Savings so your customers know you care.  The Billaway platform enables your customers to reduce their utility bills even if you have no control over the bill.  Show you care about your customers by helping them save money.



Attract new and retain existing customers. Imagine if you could offer your customers the ability to reduce their grocery or gas bill at the point of sale without changing your POS.  You even generate new revenue in the process.


Existing loyalty companies

When you reward your users with gift cards or gift certificates, they’re passive.  When you help them reduce bills they could not otherwise reduce, they are active.  We can help you turn your passive users into active users.

Companies Using BillAway

These are just some of the companies benefitting from the BillAway platform